Two exhibitions opening this weekend will include work that was developed at the Bimblebox Nature Refuge.

Frida Forsberg, Peta Lloyd and Sally North attended this years Bimblebox art, science and nature camp on the Bimblebox Nature Refuge. While there they developed work that will be showcased in two exhibitions opening this week.
Frida’s solo exhibition will be at Write Gallery, Toowoomba, Qld, opening Friday 4 November.
Sally and Peta join with Michelle Black for their group exhibition at Fig Tree Galleries, Yeppoon, Qld, Opening Saturday 5 November.

Read on for more information:

Orchestra of Wilderness
Frida Forsberg

Write Gallery (Light House Art Precinct)
126 Margaret Street Toowoomba.

4 – 13 November
10.00 am to 4.00 pm (closed Mondays and Saturday 12 November)

Opening Event
6pm – 9pm, 4 November

Frida’s exhibition will feature new works, award-winning original paintings and a retrospective body of work that will illuminate her journey as an artist and an activist. The show will feature a biographic rendering of her front-line experience in some of the nation’s most contested environmental battles.

NATURE + ART Exhibition
Latitude 23 Arts
Peta Lloyd, Michelle Black and Sally North

Fig Tree Galleries
51-53 Normanby Street, Yeppoon

5-27 November
10am-2pm, open Wednesday to Sunday (closed Mondays and Tuesdays)

Opening Event
5pm, Saturday 5 November
To be hosted by Latitude 23 Arts President, Nanette Balchin and formally opened by former environmental artist, Amber Countryman
Light refreshments will be available

The artworks on show in NATURE + ART have all been inspired by natural environments in Queensland.  The artists, Michelle Black, Sally North, and Peta Lloyd are members of Latitude 23 Inc, – a group of artists living and working in Central Queensland, – all three artists have enjoyed the challenges and joy of collaborating with nature.  The artworks of Peta Lloyd and Sally North were largely influenced, inspired, and produced while spending a week at the Art, Science, Nature Camp on Bimblebox Nature Refuge.

Sally has created eco prints made with nature’s legacies, gifts from Bimblebox Nature Refuge’s vast plethora of biodiversity. Using relics of fallen leaves and bark, local bore water from deep with the earth, rusty wire from long fallen fences, heat from ant eaten timber to make fire, thus enabling the tannin to release and reveal a reflection of nature’s intricate beauty onto the cotton paper. 

Peta has created wearable cloth pockets celebrating our precious natural places, using fragments gathered from the Bimblebox Nature Refuge, gathered leaves, grasses and weeds were used to create cyanotypes and monoprints, twigs, leaves and grasses were used to make marks onto fabrics laid out on the sandy soil, leaf litter and grasses on site. Peta deconstructs and reconstructs her printed textiles completing her pockets with machine and hand stitching.

Michelle has chosen to collaborate with the elements of nature to create her gentle, almost ethereal ocean prints using the cyanotype process. Early morning light, gentle breeze, calm seas and the changing tides create soft layered prints with the water washing over the coated cotton paper, creating its own tidelines and water marks. 

media article here

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