Bimblebox 153 Birds Exhibition

Brolgas, 2014, Heather Kepsi, photo Paula Quintela
Brolgas, 2014, Heather Kepski, photo Paula Quintela

Bimblebox 153 Birds


Bimblebox 153 Birds is a creative exploration of the bird species that inhabit the Bimblebox Nature Refuge. With spoken word, music and fine art prints, writers, musicians and artists have engaged with the bird species that make this threatened habitat their home.

Located in central-west Queensland, the Bimblebox Nature Refuge is a dynamic 8000 hectares of privately held, never-been-cleared woodland that exists on the eastern edge of the Desert Uplands bioregion. Although protected in perpetuity by a Nature Refuge Agreement it is not protected from coal mining and is currently at risk of being destroyed for one of the worlds biggest coal mining operations.

Bimblebox 153 Birds currently explores 158 different species of birds including the endangered Black-throated Finch. There are also twelve species of conservation significance including the Squatter Pigeon and Grey-crowned Babbler. However the Bimblebox Nature Refuge now records there are 173 different species of birds that have been observed.

Bimblebox 153 Birds brings together the creative contributions of over 460 people worldwide who, through their adopted medium, give voice to the many birds of Bimblebox.  Bimblebox 153 Birds is available for touring.

Curator Jill Sampson
Audio compilation and mixing by Boyd

Bimblebox 153 Birds available for tour.
Bimblebox 153 Birds Education Kit and resources
For information about the Bimblebox Nature Refuge

Past venues for Bimblebox 153 Birds:

3 September – 29 October, 2022, John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery, Dogwood Crossing, Miles, Qld.

23 February – 3 April, 2022, Visitor Centre Gallery, Australian National Botanic Gardens, Clunies Ross St. Acton, ACT.

11 January – 5 February 2022, The Centre Beaudesert, Scenic Rim Regional Council, 82 Brisbane Street Beaudesert, Qld

3 – 14 September, 2019, Webb Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University,
226 Grey Street, Southbank (Brisbane), Qld.

2 – 30 March, 2019, Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum, Gladstone, Qld.

5 – 28 January, 2018, Mary Cairncross Rainforest Discovery Centre, Maleny, Qld.

9 August to 3 September, 2016, Gympie Regional Gallery, Qld.

2 – 6 September, 2015, Brisbane Writers Festival, State Library of Qld, Brisbane, Qld.

6 – 17 May, 2015, Impress Printmakers Gallery, Kedron, Brisbane, Qld

Bimblebox 153 Birds is a celebration of the birdlife that inhabit the complex ecosystems of the Bimblebox Nature Refuge.

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Bimblebox 153 Birds, Artists
Bimblebox 153 Birds, Writers
Bimblebox 153 Birds, Musicians
Listen to the musicians responses

Facebook: Bimblebox 153 Birds
Instagram: @bimblebox153 @bimblebox_art_project

Bimblebox 153 Birds is available for tour

BB153B-Logo Block-web
Bimblebox 153 Birds at Webb Gallery, QCA, Griffith University, Brisbane, 2019, photo Steve Mardon.
Species Count, 2014, Carolyn Mckenzie-Craig

Glossy Ibis, Poem by Alicia King, Music by Warren Armstrong on Cello. Audio compilation and mixing by Boyd.

The Wandering Whistling Duck, Poem by Peter Shepherd, Music by Markus Kuchenbuch, flute in C.  Audio compilation and mixing by Boyd.

Ian Lowe photo Jennifer Eurell
Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe AO opened the inaugural Bimblebox 153 Birds exhibition at Impress Printmakers studio & gallery, photo Jennifer Eurell, 2015.
All the birds will fly away (Red-tailed Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus banksii), 2015, Fiona MacDonald, photo courtesy of the artist
The Coal Throated Finch, 2014, Rew Hanks, photo courtesy of the artist
The Coal Throated Finch, 2014, Rew Hanks, photo courtesy of the artist

Black-throated Finch, poem Brett Dionysius, musician Jim Moginie on guitar.  Audio compilation and mixing by Boyd.

Bimblebox 153 Birds listening station, Webb Gallery, 2019, photo Steve Mardon
Brett, 2014, Rona Green, photo courtesy of the artist.
Musician Colin Offord playing his wedge-tailed Eagle feather flute at the Webb Gallery opening of Bimblebox 153 Birds, 2019, photo Steve Mardon
Olive-backed Oriole, 2014, artist Annette Simpson

Olive-backed Oriole, poet John Bennett, musician Tanya Sparke, voice. Audio compilation and mixing by Boyd.

Bimblebox 153 Birds, 2019, photo Steve Mardon
crested pigeon II, 2014, Kyoko Imazu, photo courtesy of artist
Crested Pigeon II, 2014, Kyoko Imazu, photo courtesy of artist
Australian Raven, 2014, Chips Mackinolty
Bimblebox 153 Birds opening photo Alana Brekelmans 3
Bimblebox 153 Birds opening at Impress Printmakers studio & gallery, photo Alana Brekelmans, 2015
Black-breasted Buzzard, 2014, Jazmina Cininas, photo courtesy of the artist.
Australian Bustard on the Road to Bimblebox, 2014, block print on archival digital print, Alison Clouston, photo courtesy of the artist.

Ardeotis Australis – The Australian Bustard by poet Kristin Hannaford, musician Darren Blackman on Didgerido. Audio compilation and mixing by Boyd.

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