The 2023 Bimblebox Nature Refuge Calendar is now available!

Your purchase of the 2023 Bimblebox Nature Refuge Calendar will help The Bimblebox Alliance to continue the fight to save this special place from becoming a coal mine, however long that battle takes.

Purchase your 2023 calendar here.

This calendar will delight you with an original artwork each month, made by the artists who enjoyed the September 2022 Art, Science and Nature camp. We are grateful to these artists for allowing us to feature their work, using a variety of media – drawing, painting in acrylic and watercolour, photography, lino cut and eco printing, or weaving. The works are accompanied by the artists’ comments and smaller associated images.

Front cover artwork by Lyn Laver-Ahmat.

Artists whose work features: Sally North, Judith Sinnamon, Peta Lloyd, Emma Scragg, Dianne Brown, Carol Khan, Lyn Laver-Ahmat, Malcolm Paterson, Brenda Orlowski, Jenny Fitzgibbon, Frida Forsberg. Thank you to all the artists, thank you to Malcolm Paterson for development/coordination, to Sharyn Munro and thank you to Paula for the design/layout at Seedhead Design Consultancy.

Retail outlets where you can buy the calendars– and save postage!


• The Little Book Nook, Shop 5, 4-6 Little Main Street, Palmwoods

• Homegrown Cafe, Shop 3 4-6 4/6 Little Main St, Palmwoods

• Forest Heart Eco-Nursery, 20 Coral St, Maleny

• The Maple Street Co-op, 37 Maple Street, Maleny

• Reverse Garbage Qld Co-op Ltd, 20 Burke St, Woolloongabba (Brisbane)

• The Green Grocer, 144 Boundary Street, West End (Brisbane)


• Beechworth Books, 1/73 Ford Street, Beechworth

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