Time to email the Qld Government Ministers and Premier!

Bimblebox Nature Refuge on right, cleared farmland on left. This photo shows how precious the Bimblebox Nature Refuge is!

Hi Everyone,

It’s crunch time for the Bimblebox Nature Refuge. While President Kingham of the Queensland Land Court has recommended that Waratah Coal’s final applications for Environmental Authority and Mining Lease are refused, the final decision is with the Queensland Government.

Could you to please write emails to the relevant Queensland Government Ministers and Premier!

Click on this link ‘here‘, to find the contact details and information you need to email the following ministers. This has been put together by The Bimblebox Alliance.

Meaghan Scanlon, Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef and Minister for Science and Youth Affairs;
Scott Stewart, Minister for Resources;
Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland;

Let’s raise our voice to stop this massive Waratah Coal (Clive Palmer owned) coal mine called Galilee Coal Project.
We Need YOUR Help NOW to let these decision makers know that the Bimblebox Nature Refuge must be protected and to stop this new coal mine.
Thank You!
Please share this call out for help, with your network.

The BNR, in central Queensland, has protected quintessential Australian bush for over two decades through the tireless efforts of its owners and volunteers. BNR is not only a home for hundreds of plant and animal species, but also a place for research, a study in sustainable agricultural practices, and the focal point of the Bimblebox Art Project. President Kingham concluded, amongst other findings regarding climate change and human rights, that the loss of Bimblebox as a Private Protected Area was not in the public interest.” The Bimblebox Alliance

Photo above by Malcolm Paterson.

Photo above by Alison Clouston

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