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EmmaLindsay-15endangered black-throated finches lineup-2014-oil on linen-Photo_Elouise-HiRes

15 Endangered Black-throated Finches lineup, 2014, Emma Lindsay, photo Elouise. Currently on tour with Bimblebox: art – science – nature.

Bimblebox: art – science – nature, the subject of a research thesis by Andrew Nicholson.

Depiction of Environment through Art

This research project centred on a case study of the Bimblebox: art-science-nature touring exhibition, and associated media. The research project commenced in February 2016 and was completed in 2018.


The role of exhibited environmental art in public engagement with environmental sustainability: a case study of the Bimblebox art-science-nature exhibition. (July 2018)

Summary report here.

Completed thesis here.

Andrew Nicholson’s research explores the capacity of environmental arts advocacy to close a challenging communication gap. This gap exists on the one hand between conventional forms of environmental and climate science communication to citizens and communities. And on the other hand – the urgently needed and more effective level of practical engagement required from those communities in order to help them respond more effectively to the growing challenges posed by human caused climate change, loss of animals and plants, loss of groundwater and productive soils, and a host of other human-produced impacts on the natural world.