Musicians on Bimblebox 153 Birds


10th Man ((Ray Mjadwesch, Owen White, Mathew Hale, Dave Clist, Paul McIlwraith and Tim Bergen) (Bathurst, NSW, Australia), Leaden Flycatcher, Whistling pen and screw.

Adam Dunning (Australia), Pacific Black Duck, Voice.

Adam Simmons (Melbourne, Vic, Australia), Yellow Thornbill, Contrabass clarinet.

Adrian Hall (Aramoana, Otago, New Zealand), Plumed Whistling Duck, Korg R3, with ambient sound, Cornishman.

Adrian McNeil (Melbourne,   Vic, Australia), Australasian Darter, Sarod.

Alexandra Spence (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Brown Quail, Clarinet.Alistair Spence (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Nankeen Kestrel, Kawai grand piano.

Allis Maun (Vic, Australia), Diamond Dove, Voice.

Anders Parslow, (Nambour, Qld, Australia), Noisy Miner, Theremin.

Andrew Milne (Australia), Red-backed Fairy-wren, Piano with microtonal tuning known as Dimisept, which has slightly wide semitones and slightly narrow octaves.

Andrew Wilkie (Australia), Yellow-billed Spoonbill, iPad.

Andrew Yenken (Australia), Straw-necked Ibis, Bungee cord, wine box, bath tub, taps + electronics.

Andy Giles (Australia), Grey Shrike-thrush, voice & guitar

Ania Reynolds (Australia), Little Friarbird, Nord wave synth and a moog little phatty.

Annie McKinnon (Sydney, Australia), Australian Owlet-nightjar, Guitar.

Anne Veinberg (Netherlands & NSW Australia), Dollarbird, Toy Piano.

Annette Hughes & Geoffrey Datson (Qld, Australia), Little Pied Cormorant, Hughes on Cello, Datson on handmade electric guitar.

Anthony Albrecht (Australia), Little Eagle, Cello

Arne Hanna (Sydney, Australia), Bar-shouldered Dove, Wind on meat.

Aviva Endean (Melbourne, Vic, Australia), Budgerigar, Miniature metal slide whistle.

Bassling (Leeton, NSW, Australia), Australian Pelican, Balloon.

Belinda Woods (Melbourne, Vic, Australia), Sacred Kingfisher, Flute, bass Flute.

Benjamin Samuels (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Zebra Finch, Bb& Bass clarinet.

Bernard Houston (Brisbane, Qld, Australia), Brush Cuckoo, Flute.

Bindi Isis (Darwin, NT, Australia), Red-browed Pardalote, Voice and garage band.

Bonnie Hart (Qld, Australia), Masked Lapwing (Spur-winged Plover), Voice.

Brent Keogh (Australia), Spangled Drongo, Oud/electric oud.

Brian Ritchie (Australia & USA), Rufous songlark, Shakuhachi

Cameron Robbins (Melbourne, Vic, Australia), Grey Butcherbird, Bass clarinet.

Carl Polke (Australia), Yellow-throated Miner, Electric guitar.

Cat Hope (Australia), Masked Woodswallow, Bass flute.

Catherine Clover (UK & Melbourne, Australia), Brown Treecreeper, Contact mic, body.

Chris Williams (Australia), Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Voice & fx.

Clare Cowley (Brisbane, Qld, Australia), Red-capped Robin, Guitar, percussion.

Colin Offord (Macleay Island, Qld, Australia), Wedge-tailed Eagle, Wedge-tailed Eagle feather flute.

Colin Offord (Macleay Island, Qld, Australia), Bush Stone-curlew, Wedge-tailed Eagle feather flute, bamboo horn & bamboo windpipe.

Damien Ricketson (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Cockatiel, Musical Saw.

Darren Blackman Kabi Kabi (South East Queensland, Australia), Australian Bustard, Didgerido.

Dave Lawrence (UK & Finland), Striped Honeyeater, Roland & Korg digital synthesisers.

David George (Australia), Inland Thornbill, Vibe.

David Joseph (Australia), Squatter Pigeon, Percussion

David Murphy (Melbourne, Vic, Australia), Varied Sitella, Plastic bottle on kettle.

David Rothenberg (USA & Germany), Red-winged Parrot, Voice.

Dominic Mercer (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Crested-bellbird, Cello.

Dylan Orsborn (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Common Bronzewing, Vocal acoustic guitar, lead guitar.

Elizabeth Jiglian (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Australian Wood (maned) Duck, Bass recorder mouth piece.

Ellen Kirkwood (Lauriton, NSW, Australia), Black-winged Stilt,  Trumpet.

Else Olsen Storesund (Norway), Buff-rumped Thornbill, Storesund glass marbles rolling in small enamel bowls.

Emma Hunt (Australia), Ground Cuckoo-shrike, Clarinet.

Eo Greensticks (Australia), Little Black Cormorant, Cello.

Eve Klein (Qld, Australia), White-browed Babbler, Voice.

Fane Flaws (Napier, New Zealand), Fuscous Honeyeater, Guitar.

Frank Dasent (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Restless flycatcher, Trombone.

Ganesh Anandan (India, Canada & Germany), Black-fronted Dotterel, Electric shruti stick (self invented zither).

Garlo (Canada & France), Collared Sparrowhawk, electric Bass.

Gary Abkin (Qld, Australia), Red-backed Kingfisher, Fender Black Top Jaguar with Humbucker pickups and a small Fender Frontman amp.

Gary Warner (Qld, Australia), White-bellied (Little) Cuckoo-shrike, Doctored Kalimba.

Gordon Kerry (Vic, Australia), Apostlebird, Male chorus, treated using Audacity

Greg Sheehan (Australia), Spotted Bowerbird, Electric bass with a spoon and a bowl.

Gregory McLaren (Australia), Black-chinned Honeyeater, voice.

Guy Freer (Wollongong, NSW, Australia), Pale-headed Rosella, Slide Whistle.

Gyan (Australia), Pied Currawong, Voice.

Hannah Coleman (Australia), Willie wagtail, Soprano recorder.

Hilary Kleinig (Adelaide, SA, Australia), Australian Magpie, Cello.

Hollis Taylor (Australia), Pied Butcherbird, Violin.

Ian Ahles (Australia), Red-chested Button Quail, Guitar.

James Eccles (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Viola.

James Greening (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Torresian Crow, Pocket trumpet with plunger.

James Nightingale (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Brown Songlark, Alto Saxophone.

Jason Keir (Australia), Singing Honeyeater, Moog synthesizer.

Jen & Zac White,

Go Genre Everything (Australia), White-eared Honeyeater, Voice, finger cymbal, synth (sine wave).

Jim Moginie (NSW, Australia), Black-throated Finch, Guitar.

Jo Maunsell (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Black Kite, Voice.

Jo Roberts (Australia), White-necked Pacific Heron, Voice.

Jocelyn Moen (Australia), Hooded Robin, Voice.

Jon McCormack (Australia), White-browed Woodswallow, Generative electronics.

Jon Rose (Australia), Shining Bronze-cuckoo, Tenor Violin.

Jonathan Lane (Qld, Australia), Rufous Whistler, Roland V synth.

Jose Snook (UK), Chestnut-rumped Thornbill, Audio processed synthesised speech, Extracted MIDI to audio.

Julian Curwin (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Noisy Friarbird, Guitar.

Justin Ashworth (Australia), Grey-crowned Babbler, Voice.

Kaliju Tonuma (Australia), Hardhead (White-eyed Duck), Voice.

Kari (Qld, Australia), Jacky Winter, Clarinet.

Karlin Love (Australia), Double-barred Finch, Clarinet mouthpiece.

Kelly Keating (Australia), Blue-faced Honeyeater, synth

Kjell Samkopf (Norway), White-throated Gerygone, Vibraphone.

Klue (Gabriel Clouston) (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Emu, Mic stand and processing.

Kraabøl/Kurdøl/Watne (Norway), Laughing Kookaburra, Voices, Cumbal.

Lamorna Nightingale (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Fairy Martin, Flute.

Leith Phillips (Australia), Southern Boobook, Electric guitar.

Linsey Pollak (Qld, Australia), White-faced Heron, Bamboo Clarini.

Llew & Mara Kiek (Springwood, NSW, Sydney, NSW, Australia)Magpie Lark, Baglama, Voice.

Llew & Mara Kiek (Springwood, NSW, Australia), Brown Goshawk, Oud, Voice.

Louise Nutting (Australia), Little Grassbird, Voice.

Luigi Irlandini (Brazil), Double-barred Finch, Conch shell.

Mal Webb (Melbourne, Vic, Australia), Brown Honeyeater, Trombone.

Mandy Connell (Melbourne, Vic, Australia), Brolga, Epiphone Les Paul Custom.

Marcus Kuchenbuch (Germany & Australia), Wandering Whistling Duck, Flute in C.

Marissa Allen (Australia), Grey-fronted Honeyeater, Voice.

Martin Kay (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Little Button-quail, Voice.

Mary Rapp (Qld, Australia), Australian Raven, Cello.

Matt Bisset-Johnson, (Melbourne, Vic, Australia), Pacific Baza, Electronics

Matt Whitton (Qld, Australia), Golden Whistler, Homemade bamboo flute.

Melissa Mony (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Painted Button Quail, alto Saxophone.

Michael Bouwman (Qld, Australia), Great Egret, alto Saxophone.

Michael Goldberg (Sydney, NSW, Australia), White-winged Triller, Tenor Ukulele.

Michael Harvey (Australia), Striated Pardalote, Computer processed voice and synthesiser (based on Dies Irae).

Michael Havir (Australia), White-breasted Woodswallow, Digital sound.

Michael O’Dwyer (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Nankeen Night Heron (Rufous Night Heron), Guitar.

Miranda Hill (Australia), Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, Double Bass.

Myfany Turpin (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Brown Falcon, Piano.

Nat Grant (Australia), Yellow-rumped Thornbill, Music box and spinning top.

Nic Weaver (UK), Black-breasted Buzzard, synth.

Nichaud Fitzgibbon (Australia), White-plumed Honeyeater, Voice.

Nicholas Alias (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Black-shouldered Kite, guitar.

Nicholas Perry (Australia), Whistling Kite, Guitar.

Nick Bollinger (Wellington, New Zealand), Blue-winged Kookaburra, Double Bass.

Nick Rheinberger (Mittagong, NSW, Australia), Rainbow Bee-eater, Baglama.

Nicola Morton (Australia), Letter-winged Kite, Synthesizer.

Nigel Leonard Wells (Qld, Australia), Australasian Grebe, PC.

Owen Jackson (Brisbane, Qld, Australia), Black-breasted Buzzard, Oboe.

Patrick Curley (Australia), Grey Teal, 3 string cigar box.

Patrick Hansen (Australia), Rainbow Lorikeet, Synth patch and sampled sounds.

Paul Burton (Erina, NSW, Australia), Black-eared Cuckoo, Ocarina.

Paul Cutlan (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater, Eb Clarinet.

Paul Jarman (Australia), Pallid Cuckoo, Vietnamese Flute.

Peter Long (Katoomba, NSW, Australia), Crested Pigeon, Electric Guitar.

Peter Mcilwain (Melbourne, Vic, Australia), Dusky Woodswallow, synth vocoder.

Rebecca Gallo (Australia), Little Woodswallow, Voice compilation.

Reflected Chop (Qld, Australia), Speckled warbler, Software synths.

Reg Mombassa of Dog Trumpet (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Fender Stratocaster through a wah wah pedal played with a metal slide

Richard Kean (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Figbird, Gu Quin.

Rob Walker (Australia), Tawny Frogmouth, Shakuhachi.

Robert Burrell (Australia), Variagated Fairy Wren, Piano.

Roger Dean (Sydney, NSW, Australia & UK), Pheasant Coucal, Piano & electronics.

Ron Nagorcka (Tasmania, Australia), Channel-billed cuckoo, Didgeridu.

Ruthless Jabiru (Australians in the UK), Black-necked Stork (Jabiru), String ensemble.

Ryan Granger (Melbourne, Vic, Australia), Black Falcon, Cymbal, thunder maker, kalimba, ratchet and a bowl of water.

Sam Golding (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Whistling Kite, Sousaphone.

Samuel Bruce (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Black-faced Woodswallow, handmade electronics.

Sandy Evans (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Singing bushlark (Horsfield’s), Saxophone.

Sasha Margolis (Melbourne, Vic, Australia), Forest Kingfisher, Synth.

Shaun Barlow (Australia), Horsefield’s Bronze-cuckoo, Flute.

Silke Erberhard (Germany), Spotted Nightjar, Alto Saxophone

Simon Exley (UK & Melbourne, Vic, Australia), Grey Fantail, Handbells.

Stephen Bradbury (UK), Galah, Moog LP Doepfer Dark Energy Boss Loop Station RC-30 Moog Moogerfooger MF103 Phaser.

Stephen Morley (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Stubble Quail, Horn.

Steve Elphick (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Noisy Friarbird, Double Bass.

Sonya Holowell (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Australasin (Richard’s) Pipit, voice

Spike Mason (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Barn Owl, Greek shepherd’s flute.

Tanya Sparke (Sydney, NSW Australia), Olive-backed Oriole, Voice.

Tim Mortimer (Australia), Plum-headed Finch, Voice & electronic processing.

Tim Wall (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Peregrine Falcon, Bb Clarinet

Tony Gorman (Sydney, NSW, Australia & UK), Mistletoebird, Alto Clarinet.

Tony Lewis (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Spotted Harrier, Polystyrene.

Vanessa Tomlinson & Clocked Out (Qld, Australia), Pied Cormorant, Percussion.

Vickie Tran (Australia), Weebill, Piano.

Vincent Dwyer (Australia), Australian White Ibis, Broken tape deck.

Warren Armstrong (Sydney, NSW, Australia), Glossy Ibis, Cello.

Weizen Ho (Malaysia and Sydney, NSW Australia), Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, voice.

Wyatt Moss-Wellington (Australia), Tree Martin, Guitar & Voice.

Yilan Yeh (Taiwan & Qld, Australia), Western Gerygone, Waterbell.

Zelda Da (Qld, Australia), Peaceful Dove, Voice.