Land Court of Qld hearing results due Friday 25 November, 2022

The woodlands of the Bimblebox Nature Refuge on the right, bordering cleared farmland.

Decision Day in the case by TBA and YV against Waratah Coal

11.30am this Friday 25th November President Kingham, Land Court of Qld, will hand down recommendations in the case Waratah Coal Pty Ltd v Youth Verdict Ltd, The Bimblebox Alliance Inc & Others

The findings of the Land Court of Qld hearing will be delivered at 11:30am in Court 40, Level 8, at the Magistrates Court, 363 George St Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

You are welcome to attend. Please arrive before 11am and wear your Bimblebox T-shirt (removable, or coverable, to enter the Court). TBA’s Sheena Gillman will be outside the Court at 10 am with T-shirts for sale.

It may be possible to listen via your phone. Please check The Daily Law Lists on Friday morning to see if they have listed a phone line and code for you listen in (put phone on mute to listen):
The above link will open a PDF detailing matters before the Court that day. 

The Bimblebox Nature Refuge is a biodiverse, 8000 hectare remnant habitat in the path of a massive Galilee Basin, thermal coal mine. Paola Cassoni and supporters have been fighting for 15 years to protect Bimblebox from coal mining. Go to

Waratah Coal’s Galilee Coal project applied in late 2019 for their final approvals to mine thermal coal in an area encompassing and surrounding the Bimblebox Nature Refuge. Submissions against the application generated a Land Court of Qld hearing. The hearing commenced on 19 April 2022 with final submissions heard on the 29 July, 2022. (Waratah Coal is owned by Clive Palmer)

For further information about this Land Court case go here.

3 responses to “Land Court of Qld hearing results due Friday 25 November, 2022

  1. I shake my head at the imbecility of allowing work on this project to proceed. Our children and theirs, forever into the future, will curse us for our stupidity.

    • I implore you: do not allow this project to proceed. For the sake of our children, our climate, our wild life and the world’s future.

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