Document://Bimblebox, REsource, Donna Davis


photo by Mel de Ruyter

photo by Mel de Ruyter

Media: Installation including – Pigment print on hahnemuhle fine art rag, cardboard, table, clipboard, paper.

Size: 150 x 115 x 35cm

photo by Donna Davis

photo by Donna Davis

Donna says:

During the Bimblebox artist residency I explored the beauty and diversity of the flora found in the Heathlands region of the Bimblebox Nature Refuge. Having previously only seen this diversity represented as text on paper prior to my visit, I was captivated by the physical aesthetic of the area.

 REsource detail, Donna Davis, photo by Jill Sampson

I collected a number of flora specimens from the Heathlands: storing each specimen in a plastic vial for identification, documentation and visual interpretation upon my return to the studio. Through this process I began to reflect upon the contrast between ‘text’ and ‘image’; exploring how our connection to the aesthetic, both visual and written, informs our ecological discourse.

photo by Donna Davis

photo by Donna Davis

REsource examines this aesthetic, reflecting on the fragile nature and beauty of the specimens captured within each vial contrasted with the physical flora file cards in order to elicit thoughts regarding the perceived value of our natural resources, in particular those found at Bimblebox Nature Refuge.

Photo by Donna Davis

Photo by Donna Davis

Are these specimens to become a document of what once was, or will they become a resource for our future?

REsource on opening night photo by Mel de Ruyter

REsource on opening night
photo by Mel de Ruyter

One response to “Document://Bimblebox, REsource, Donna Davis

  1. Those unbelievable, unexpected heathlands in the midst of the semi-arid woodlands, so perfect, so vital, so incredible that we could even imagine destroying it. Thank you, Donna and Jill for sharing work here!

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