Land Court of Queensland hearing begins 19 April 2022.

The green area that is the Bimblebox Nature Refuge, photo Nikolas Hamm.

Update on the Land Court of Queensland hearing, Waratah Coal versus The Bimblebox Alliance.

From the Bimblebox Alliance:

As of 18th March, The Bimblebox Alliance (TBA) is able to advise that the Qld Land Court hearing on our case against Waratah Coal will start on 19th April 2022. It is expected to commence with a site visit to Bimblebox Nature Refuge.

We have not been able to be sure of this previously, due to awaiting a decision on the question of jurisdiction in the Land Court. This has arisen because, in April 2021, Waratah Coal advised that it had revised its mine plan and does not presently intend to undertake open cut mining on Bimblebox Nature Refuge. The proposal to underground mine beneath BNR has not changed, with attendant issues of concern such as subsidence impacts on water and surface ecosystems and habitat conditions for flora and fauna.

The Land Court ruled it can and should hear the application and objections based on the revised mine plan.

Waratah Coal Pty Ltd versus Bimblebox Alliance Inc., Youth Verdict Ltd and others
19 Aril – through May
Magistrates Court Building, Brisbane, Qld.
Level 8
The court is open to the public and anyone can attend, subject to any orders to the contrary.
The court may not be sitting every day so check:
The Daily Law Lists:
Click on the link for Land Court of Queensland and it will open a PDF detailing any matters before the Court that day. 

Archived rulings:
Application to take on country evidence from First Nations witnesses.
Application to determine jurisdiction.

Recent Media:
Torres Strait First Nations’ Waratah Coal fight to be heard by Queensland Land Court on country,
ABC Tropical North, By Melissa Maddison, 3 April, 2022.

The clear night sky at the Bimblebox Nature Refuge, photo by Tangible Media.

I will leave you to imagine what changes a massive thermal coal mine would create to the night sky and for the woodland, heathland and all the creatures that make their homes on the Bimblebox Nature Refuge.

In the undergrowth at Bimblebox Nature Refuge, photo Tangible Media.
Wallaroos and Kangaroo grass, Bimblebox Nature Refuge, photo Sonya Duus.
Double-barred Finches, Bimblebox Nature Refuge, photo Eric Anderson.
Calytrix microcoma in the heathland, Bimblebox Nature Refuge, photo Alison Clouston.

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