Last chance to experience Bimblebox: art – science – nature


Foreground: Bimblebox Art Project – What’s yours is my coal mine, 2013 The Hunter Bros aka Gerald Soworka. Background: Carbon Dating, 2013, Alison Clouston and Boyd.


Bimblebox: art – science – nature


The Condensery, Somerset Regional Art Gallery, Toogoolawah, Qld

The Condensery is the final venue for Bimblebox: art – science – nature, completing its three year national tour!

Exhibition dates:  10 Feb – 26 March 2017


Mining Aramac, from the Mining Galilee series, 2013, Fiona MacDonald, photo courtesy of the artist.

National Tour 16 May 2014 – 26 March, 2017


Bimblebox: art – science – nature is a touring exhibition about the Bimblebox Nature Refuge, its environmental, social and scientific significance and an artist group’s creative response to their experience of this unique and threatened environment. The exhibition is rich, dynamic and diverse, including artworks in installation, works on paper, painting, artist books, photography, digital media and sound. The exhibition also incorporates aspects of scientific and environmental research and social history of the site, together with catalogue and education kit in digital and print media.

Bimblebox Nature Refuge is located in semi-arid, desert uplands environment approximately 50km north-west of Alpha in Central Queensland, comprising 8000 hectares of native bushland, the majority of which has never been cleared. While legally recognised as a Nature Refuge and part of the National Reserve System of Protected Areas, Bimblebox is under threat from coal mining. This exhibition explores the challenging subjects of coal mining, global warming, diminishing biodiversity, the changing socio-cultural dispositions of regional communities and the role of creativity in that process. Aiming to document and creatively interpret this unique place and time, Bimblebox: art – science – nature may help to save this nature refuge from destruction or it will provide lasting testimony.

Curator    Beth Jackson


Bimblebox: art – science – nature website.

Free Digital Catalogue App here.

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Carbon Dating, enthralling visitors.


Reconfigured Landscape no.1, Reconfigured Landscape no. 2, Reconfigured Landscape no. 3, 2013, Shayna Wells and REsource, 2013, Donna Davis.


Opening night at The Condensery, Toogoolawah.


In the foreground: Jaw-war tet-tweer, 2013, Samara McIlroy, then REsearch, 2013, Donna Davis.

Shroud for an ancient basin, 2013, Jude Roberts, photo Carl Warner

Shroud for an ancient basin, 2013, Jude Roberts, photo Carl Warner.


Foreground: Mending the Future, 2013, Jill Sampson. Background: All Souls Day (Tree), 2009, Luke Roberts.


Coalface, 2014, Alison Clouston and Boyd, photo Stephen Oxenbury


Honouring Jagalingou country, 2013, Pamela Croft-Warcon, Howard Butler, Kaylene Butler (foreground), Back wall L – R, Jaw-war tet-tweer, 2013, Samara McIlroy, REsearch, 2013, Donna Davis, Multifocal 1 & Multifocual 2, 2013, Glenda Orr.

©Emma Lindsay 2013_15 endangered black throated finches (Memento mori for Bimblebox) digital photograph copyright of the artist

15 Endagnered Black-throated Finches momento mori for Bimblebox, 2013 , Emma Lindsay, photograph copyright of Emma Lindsay (photograph copyright of the artist)


The Mechanics of Survival, The Camp Workshop & The Great Divide, 2013, paintings by Michael Pospischil, photo Carl Warner.

Bimblebox Sky Mapping 2

Bimblebox Sky Map 2, 2013, artist Glenda Orr, photo by Carl Warner

Bimblebox_05 photo by Carl Warner

The invisible that is’, 2012, Liz Mahood (on back wall). ‘Bimblebox Art Project – What’s yours is my coal mine’, 2013, artist Books by Hunter Bros aka Gerald Soworka. photo by Carl Warner.

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