Bimblebox: art – science – nature at The Condensery



Divine Message, 2013, Jude Roberts

The Condensery is a relatively new gallery in the beautiful country town of Toogoolawah –  although if you look upwards at the old timbers still in the ceiling space and take in the huge sliding wooden doors you can glimpse its history.  This was once the packing shed of the Nestle condensed milk factory, saved and restored into a beautiful light filled award winning art gallery.

Until 26 March, 2017 The Condensery is hosting Bimblebox: art – science – nature.  This exhibition is a must see and this is the final leg of its tour.  Sunday, March 26 will be the last day that you can experience this gorgeous and thought provoking exhibition, still as fresh, exciting and relevant as it was when it was first exhibited at Redland Art Gallery early 2014.  Bimblebox: art – science – nature has toured Australia and in figures just to hand over 45 000 people have viewed and experienced this exhibition.

On the 10th of February Bimblebox: art – science – nature was officially opened by Somerset Regional Council Mayor Graeme Lehmann at The Condensery.  Both Beth Jackson the curator and Jill Sampson the Bimblebox Art Project coordinator spoke at the opening.  It was a fabulous night well attended by locals as well as travellers from the South Burnett, Toowoomba and Ipswich.

Thank you to the Somerset region and to the people of Toogoolawah for welcoming us so warmly to The Condensery.

This is your last chance to see and experience Bimblebox: art – science – nature so ‘Do yourself a favour’ and head to Toogoolawah before 26 March!


Mayor Graeme Lehmann and Curator Beth Jackson speaking at the opening.


Jill Sampson, Bimblebox Art Project coordinator speaks at the opening events.



Fine Print, 2013, Liz Mahood and Michael Pospischil’s paintings L – R: It’s the Environment Stupid, The Camp Workshop, The Great Divide, The Mechanics of Survival, Magellanic Mirage, The Artist’s Camp at Bimblebox, 2013


Divine Message, 2013, Jude Roberts



Carbon Dating, enthralling visitors.



Vanishing Food Bowls (detail), 2013, Jill Sampson


Reconfigured Landscape no.1, Reconfigured Landscape no. 2, Reconfigured Landscape no. 3, 2013, Shayna Wells and REsource, 2013, Donna Davis.


Bimblebox Art Project – What’s yours is my coal mine, 2013, The Hunter Bros aka Gerald Soworka, with Carbon Dating, 2013 Alison Clouston and Boyd, in the background.


Honouring Jagalingou country, 2013, Pamela Croft-Warcon, Howard Butler, Kaylene Butler (foreground), Back wall L – R, Jaw-war tet-tweer, 2013, Samara McIlroy; REsearch, 2013, Donna Davis; Multifocal 1 & Multifocual 2, 2013, Glenda Orr.


Mending the Future, 2013, Jill Sampson; 15 endangered black throated finches (Memento mori for Bimblebox), 2013, Emma Lindsay; All Souls Day (Tree), 2009, Luke Roberts

Bimblebox: art – science – nature, at the Condensery, Toogoolawah, Qld until 26 March, 2017.

Free Bimblebox: art – science – nature digital catalogue via app here.

Bimblebox: art – science – nature website here.

Bimblebox Nature Refuge website here.

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