Wild/flower Women Symposium


Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, 2015, Fiona MacDonald, photo courtesy of the artist

Wild/flower Women

The achievements of writers/artists/activists Judith Wright and Kathleen McArthur are being celebrated through this Wild/flower Women symposium.

In the afternoon session on Arts and action today, I will be presenting about Bimblebox 153 Birds.  I’m looking forward to  having this opportunity to present some of the poets, musicians and artists contributions.  The challenge of course is to weave some of the magic of Bimblebox 153 Birds while giving an indication of the breadth of the project…in the allocated time!

About the symposium:

This one day symposium will focus on exploring how the writings and work of various artists have captured, responded to and echoed the landscapes that they lived within and travelled across. The symposium will have a particular focus on the work of Judith Wright and Kathleen McArthur, their engagement with the Sunshine Coast and links with the nascent environmental movement of the 1960s and 1970s. The scope of the symposium will also extend to encompass and investigate historical and contemporary arts based responses, and activism for and with the more than human world. The symposium will include a series of short papers and creative presentations. This symposium is being staged in conjunction with the Wild/flower Women exhibition to be held at the Noosa Regional Gallery 26 Nov – 15 Jan.

link to more information on the symposium here.

Date: Wednesday 23 November, 2016, 9.00 am – 4.30 pm
Cost: $50 or $30 for students/concession/presenters
Place: CQUniversity Noosa Campus, 90 Goodchap St Noosaville

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