Bimblebox camp 2016


2016 camp participants L to R:  Jan Ward, Paola Cassoni, Deborah Cavanagh, Christal George (front), Rosie Lloyd Giblett, Evan Ward, Jennifer Sturzl, Greg Harm (front), Alan Tulloch, Jaap den Otter, Milli Ross (front),  Mieke den Otter, Michael Foley (front), Ray Carpenter, Beth Jackson, Paula Peeters, Sue Southwood.

The 2016 Bimblebox art, science & nature camp was a wonderful success this year with participants travelling far and wide to enjoy a Bimblebox Nature Refuge bursting with life.  Two new birds were also added to the Bimblebox bird list – the Spotted Nightjar and the Painted Button Quail!

Deborah Cavanagh, one of this years camp participants has written about the Bimblebox camp experience.  Thank you to Deb and thank you also to Greg Harm of Tangible Media for supplying these gorgeous photos:


Soil turns to mush, and right at the camp you can bog a duck.” Ian told us, so we waited out the storm for a day before heading to the 2016 Bimblebox art, science and nature camp in central Queensland’s Desert Uplands.


The camp started with an ecology tour by Eric and Diana Anderson. photo Tangible Media


Learning about Bimblebox from Eric and Diana Anderson, photo Tangible Media

By Monday afternoon all the Bimblebox artists and crew were present and accounted for. We covered a remarkable range of backgrounds and interest. We had: painters, ecologists, botanists, environmentalists, makers of useful things, sculptors, watercolourists, printmakers, a performance artist, photographers, videographers, curators, a nature journalist, writers, woodworkers, a papermaker, a paleobotanist, textile artists and fabulous cooks.


Ian and Karl Hoch were the Bimblebox generous hosts and backroom boys making it all possible.

Maureen Cooper was the baking queen and Paola Cassoni also cooked and with quiet (except when someone held the fridge door open) expertise as she ran the camp.

Jill Sampson from Brisbane kept the Bimblebox home fires burning.

We came from far and wide: Ipswich, Nambor, Brisbane, Melbourne, Townsville, Mackay, Adelaide, Italy, and Alpha,

The rain that caused the delay early on produced the most magnificent display of wildflowers. Spring fever hit the birds who were going berserk building nests and singing their little hearts out for a splendid dawn chorus every day. Even the echidnas got into the action and a troop of them kept Greg awake late into the night with their wild partying. The artists didn’t hang about.  On the first day everyone set up and got started on their varied projects.  Everyone was doing something different and interesting.

Our lunch and dinner chats were great fun as we got to know each other and tell tall tales about past exploits and future plans.   The 2016 group agreed to do a show in mid 2017 in Ipswich so watch this space for more about that closer to the time.



Fuelled by great food from Paola and Maureen’s magic kitchens we were able to work all day, and explore Bimblebox with ecologist, conservationist and author Eric Anderson and bird and plant watcher extraordinaire Diana Anderson. We all become part of a marvellous group of like minded people. A rare opportunity in a unique landscape.  Many thanks to Paola Cassoni and Ian Hoch for making it all possible.   Deborah Cavanagh

This years camp participants were:

Greg Harm, Beth Jackson, Michael Foley, Christal George, Paula Peeters, Ray Carpenter, Sue Southwood, Rosie Lloyd Giblett, Jennifer Stuerzl, Deborah Cavanagh, Jan and Evan Ward, Mieke & Jaap den Otter, Alan Tulloch, Millie Ross

Thank you to:

Paola Cassoni cook and camp coordinator, Maureen Cooper cook/baker, Ian Hoch caretaker, Karl Hoch camp maintenance and Jill Sampson coordinator in the lead up to the camp.

Bimblebox Nature Refuge website is here and for photos of the stunning flowers at this years camp see here.



Rosie Lloyd Giblett’s paintings:


Rosie Llloyd Giblett and Jennifer Sturzl:


Rosie Lloyd Giblett:


Christal George:


Millie Ross:



Alan Tulloch:




Mieke den Otter:



Jennifer and Rosie:



Check this link for Light and Time, a video of Bimblebox by Greg Harm (Tangible Media). click here.


Bimblebox Nature Refuge carries a sustainable beef operation.

All photos by Greg Harm of Tangible Media.

If you are interested in being a part of the next Bimblebox art, science and nature camp contact Jill Sampson via this form:


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  1. That looks excellent Jill!!!! I love how you put the different photos throughout 🙂

    On 3 October 2016 at 19:59, Bimblebox Art Project wrote:

    > bimbleboxartproject posted: ” The 2016 Bimblebox art, science & nature > camp was a wonderful success this year with participants travelling far and > wide to enjoy a Bimblebox Nature Refuge bursting with life. Two new birds > were also added to the Bimblebox bird list – the Spotted ” >

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