Paula Peeters Bimblebox Wonderland colouring book

Paula Peeters attended the 2015 Bimblebox art, science, nature camp.  The outcome of her time on Bimblebox has been to create this beautiful Bimblebox Wonderland colouring book.  Purchase your copy via her website: Paper Bark Writer.



Lose yourself in the enchanting world of a wild Australian woodland with this gorgeous colouring book for adults.

· Colour finely-detailed, beautiful and inviting illustrations
· Find many hidden creatures and flowers
· Add your own creative details to the fine-art designs
Charming robins, wandering echidnas, curious geckoes and a sumptuous array of wildflowers are just some of the inhabitants of this woodland wonderland. Relax and explore intricate and spell-binding illustrations inspired by the Bimblebox Nature Refuge in Central Queensland. Find many different types of hidden birds, animals and flowers, and learn their names using the illustrated key at the back of the book.

Paula Peeters is an accomplished artist, ecologist and keen observer of nature. She combines her talents to bring you this unique colouring book that is both stunningly beautiful and painstakingly accurate in its portrayal of wild species, their behaviours and their habitats.

The fine-art designs and quality paper of Bimblebox Wonderland invite you to let your creativity run wild, or to simply indulge in a mindful, relaxing activity. Either way you will be rewarded by a set of beautiful pictures to treasure, plus a greater appreciation of the many small natural wonders of the Australian outback.

Paperback, 32 pages. ISBN 9780646946368


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