Bimblebox Art Science Nature Camp 2015

I thought I would share these words and images of Michael Foley’s that he sent to Paola after the camp:
That Artist’s Camp you invite us to is so bloody good.
Being a townie, you wonder what the hell are you doing when you are on the way there.
On the way back you wonder why you feel as if you have really been away.
I mean, really refreshed and pleased. Got a new sense of being.
I wonder if it’s because you have been to nowhere. Stayed a while with other people in
nowhere. It is nowhere; that camp site, no mountains, no water attractions, nothing..
No buildings.
I remember when Pat talked to Geraldine on the radio, I was expecting to hear about it.
She was about to, but found she had a sort of ‘nothing’ to try and describe. It’s very hard to pitch.
Maybe, that’s just it. It’s just what you see…open woodland.. not a lot.
It’s as if it’s what you don’t see; that has you able to really see, after a few days.
People seem to come around, relax, listen to each other more and more, drift off, do their
own thing. Come and eat, tidy up, go away, drift back, talk, walk, work….chop chop..cook.
It has it’s own momentum that’s quietly ever present, but not so present, it seems.
It’s as if people are able to come to terms with the place very quickly.
It let’s you right in. There are no distractions…there are no attractions.
It is a wonderful artist camp. There should be more.
Art, Science and Writing people altogether.
Don’t let it drift away, many more will pay more to “get it”.
Thanks a lot…
Michael Foley painting in watercolour

Michael Foley painting in watercolour


Beth Jackson

One response to “Bimblebox Art Science Nature Camp 2015

  1. Truly great sentiments M ichael! Didn’t,t want to leave there. Was just getting my head around and it was time to go. I was awed by the silence that was never really quiet…such a lot of life in the stillness.

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