Bimblebox Artist Camp 2014 – some photos

This year’s artist camp was another remarkable immersive experience. The quiet open forest in this remote area invites deep breathing, reflective conversation, busy creative work, a tangible and intimate sense of connection with people, place and environment. One senses the keen eyes of the local inhabitants, birds and kangaroos, monitoring our stay, expressing their curiosity at a safe distance of their choosing. The spring time is such a turn-on with so many flowers, butterflies, beetles and birds. I’ve now seen and experienced more of the property and feel deeply enriched by the all-too-brief encounters but know that I have barely scratched the surface of this special place. Here are some photos from last week’s camp which hopefully give a hint of the delightful happenings – apologies to Pat Hoffie and Carol Schwarzman as I now realise I failed to take any good photos of their works. Too busy horsing around with Ian no doubt.

Beth Jackson


Brown falcon – checking us out while we set up the camp


John Davis’ drone camera high in the sky filming aerial views


The camp site – left to right – Paola Cassoni, Emma Harm, Glenda Orr, Felicity Davis, Greg Harm, Karl Hoch


Campsite with John Davis & Karl Hoch


a small dragon


Felicity Davis & Paola Cassoni discussing the big picture of coal mining in the Galilee Basin


Frida Forsberg painting at the camp site


Glenda Orr casting gathered material (seeds, flowers, leaves) in resin


Glenda Orr casting natural materials (flowers, seeds, leaves) into small resin ‘axes’


Glenda Orr watercolour painting


spring flowers in the heathland


hakea in flower


the heathland


Karl with a companion


Ian Hoch on horseback


Jewel beetles at the camp site


John Davis & Karl Hoch studying the computer control panel for the drone camera


Michael Foley watercolour painting


Michael Foley watercolour painting


Orchid in flower


the fine silvery sea of spinifex


Starflower in the heathland

2 responses to “Bimblebox Artist Camp 2014 – some photos

    • Hi Anne, thanks for your interest. Bimblebox this year is in a drought declared shire and if it wasn’t for a sprinkle of rain 4 weeks before the camp, there would have been no camp. So it was called late but usually we have it no later than mid September, to coincide with the end of the ‘nice’ weather (not too hot to camp out and nights aren’t too cold). We try to host one every year.

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