Artists Dr Pamela CroftWarcon, Kaylene Butler, Howard ‘Joe’ Butler and Sarah Butler Collaborate

Pamela, Kaylene, Howard and Sarah often make artwork together and while at Bimblebox this art practice continued. The following photos are by Glenda Orr

Joe scraping on gesso

Howard scraping into Gesso.

Sarah pressing leaves

Sarah pressing leaves.

pressing down leaves 1

Using the leaves of the Poplar Box (Eucalyptus populnea) or Bimblebox tree.

Pam pressing leaves

Pamela presses on the Bimblebox leaves.

Sarah Pam & Jo pressing leave on paper

Sarah, Pamela and Howard working together.

sarah spraying paint 2

Sarah sprays on paint.

Pam spraying paint

Pamela sprays on paint.

Jo pressing leaves on paper

Howard working on the canvas.

leaves on canvas 1   jo spraying paint 1

Pam spraying paint 2

Pamela at work.

Pam and Sarah pulling off leaves

Pamela and Sarah pull off Bimblebox leaves.

picking off leaves

Pamela removes the leaves.

Pam painting dams

Pamela painting dams.

Painting dams 2

Kaylene and Pamela add ‘water.’

Back in Pamela’s bush studio Howard, Kaylene, Sarah and Pamela have continued to work on this canvas.  We look forward t seeing it finished.

2 responses to “Artists Dr Pamela CroftWarcon, Kaylene Butler, Howard ‘Joe’ Butler and Sarah Butler Collaborate

  1. Having seen the start of this beautiful work of art I am looking forward to seeing the finished canvas. It was also refreshing to see the family working in such harmony together.
    Maureen Cooper

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