Silver leaf ironbark (Eucalyptus melanophloia) woodlands of Bimblebox

‘Eucalyptus melanophloia’
Silver leaf ironbark

The Silver leaf ironbark is just one of the flora species found at Bimblebox Nature Refuge, near Alpha, Central Queensland, desert uplands bio-region.

From the Myrtaceae family this evergreen tree forms a canopy of approximately 12-18m. It is usually found on uniform sandy soils and can be recognised by its white flowers, blue-grey leaves and grey-black furrowed bark and stems. This species is usually also found to co-dominate with ‘Eucalyptus populnea’ (commonly known as Poplar box or Bimble box).

The Silver leaf ironbark woodlands supports a rich understory of floristic biodiversity and provides valuable habitat for local fauna. Unfortunately however, this vegetation community is currently list as “of concern” under the Vegetation Management Act (1999), Queensland.

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