Saturday afternoon, tired and too late to think about where to place the tent, a group of us turned off the dusty road and drove through the gates of Bimblebox Nature Refuge.  Slowly over the dirt track we trailed each other at a distance, sun slanting low through the trees with shafts of golden light dancing in the suspended dust.  Through two gates and winding past Bimblebox trees we made our way to our first campsite.  Many of us met for the first time and quickly turned to the tasks of setting up our camp in light that was fading fast.

What a relief to be here after months of co-ordination and preparation.  Our wonderful cooks, Maureen and Edna set to work immediately and as darkness fell we all gathered in the breezeway for our first meal together.  Everyone set about learning each others stories and we relaxed into our first night at Bimblebox.

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