Samara McIlroy

View Samara’s artwork for Document://Bimblebox

Samara McIlroy, a recent UTAS BFA (Sculpture) graduate, has commenced her long-awaited, stellar career as a contemporary artist. She chooses to locate her practice in the zone currently categorised as socially-engaged or live art. [read with tongue-in-cheek] She would love to eventually get a show at Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, maybe even PICA, and will one day attend the Open Engagement Conference in Portland Oregon.

Samara was unable to travel to Bimblebox herself, but she sent a camera to view what she could not physically experience.

[Not] At Bimblebox

Using an existing location (in this case, Bimblebox), publicly available internet content, other’s images and texts generated for the project, popular social media platforms and performative strategies, I will construct a dialogue or form of engagement that veers from the physical to the virtual and back again. Using coverage of the controversy surrounding Waratah Coal’s mining proposal as a starting point, the artist is acting as a data miner/curator. Online content (images, sound, video, text) as well as that generated by Bimblebox artists in September 2012 will be incorporated into the final work, which will be presented as a ‘live art’ experience.

Surfing the internet, mining the rich mother-lodes of information that are deposited in dispersed locations, my work often begins from the solid object, then takes a conceptual journey via the written word, digital images and online social media platforms back into the realm of the physical again. For this project, I’m interested in what kind of responses an armchair traveller would have to the idea of Bimblebox (which to them will only ever be a conceptual site).

Samara’s Website

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